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Volunteer Update - January 2020

Volunteer Update

Operational emails are sent to those who have volunteered at a parkrun event within the last 12 months.

I’d like to take this moment to thank you for everything you have done for parkrun, and congratulate you on the incredible impact you have had on the world. To date 6.6 million people have registered with parkrun, last weekend we delivered more than 2,000 events for the first time, and in total we have supported 64 million instances of walking, jogging, running, and volunteering. Thank you.

When we first started Bushy parkrun in 2004 we were a small close-knit team who all knew each other really well and spent lots of time together. It was two-and-a-half years before we started a second event, and for several years after that we were able to maintain really close communications with the small number of parkrun events around the UK.

However, as we grew over time, it became more challenging to share important information and help others to understand how best to deliver and support our events. For many years it has been our vision therefore to produce a single operating manual for all global events, but as we’ve spread out around the world this dream has seemed increasingly more difficult to achieve.

I’m extremely excited therefore, that after a huge amount of work from both staff and volunteers around the world, I am able to share our new Volunteer Hub. From now on this will be the single source of information that explains how our events are delivered, providing the information required to enable our volunteers to carry out their roles safely and appropriately.

Over the next few weeks, corresponding information within existing resources used by parkrun volunteers (such as the parkrun Wiki and the parkrun Australia Knowledge Hub) will be removed and everything you need to know will be stored within the Volunteer Hub.

At the moment it is only in English as we are expecting that over the first few months of its life we will find that a number of sections need to be edited or revised. As soon as we feel it is reasonably stable we will be translating it into all other appropriate languages required by parkrun event teams.

Going forward we will be writing to all global volunteers once per month in order to keep them up to date with relevant information, helping to not only keep our events safe but to also support them in being as welcoming and inclusive as possible.

Please find the parkrun Volunteer Hub at

Thanks again for your incredible parkrun passion,

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