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Volunteer Update - April 2021

Welcome to the monthly volunteer update for April

It’s been another positive month for parkrun, with the return of junior parkrun in England, more events returning in Russia, and the continued successful delivery of events in Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Over 2000 people this month have experienced the fun of volunteering for the first time - a big welcome to you all!

Now that you’re here, please take the opportunity to have a look around the Volunteer Hub, where you’ll find all that you need to know about volunteering at parkrun.

Volunteer and participants COVID-19 Codes

As events return under parkrun’s COVID-19 Framework, we’ve produced specific COVID-19 Codes; one for walkers, joggers and runners and one for volunteers. They’re a simple reminder of the principles that we’d like people to adhere to as our events return. Following these codes ensure that our events are run safely and responsibly: for participants, volunteers and for members of the public. Thanks for helping to make parkrun’s return go as smoothly as possible.

You can find them here:

COVID-19 walker and runner code

COVID-19 volunteer code

Signing up to get volunteer reminders from your home event

If you’re reading this for the first time, perhaps you’re unaware that you can sign up to receive emails when your home event is in need of volunteers? The simplest way to sign up is to find an old results email, look for the section ‘volunteer opt-in’ and the link ‘click here to opt-in’ (see image below). You’ll now hear directly from the team when they’re looking for volunteers for an upcoming event.

Thanks for reading, we will be back again at the end of May. Until then, wherever you are in the world, stay safe, keep active, and if you’re close to a parkrun event that’s open - see you at the weekend.

James Kemp