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Criminal Record Checking

In Scotland, the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) membership scheme is managed and delivered by Disclosure Scotland. It helps make sure people whose behaviour makes them unsuitable to work with children and/or protected adults can’t do ‘regulated work’ with these groups.

All Event Directors and Run Directors of junior parkrun events in Scotland must have a PVG check. If a cleared Run Director is not available the event must be cancelled.

Scottish Athletics will process the applications for junior parkrun volunteers using the following process:

  1. The applicant phones the Welfare Administrator at Scottish Athletics (0131 476 7328), who will ascertain which application form the applicant needs
    1. If the volunteer is new to the process, or if they have been disclosed but this took place prior to the PVG Scheme, they will need to complete an ‘Application to Join’ form
    2. Those who have already been through the PVG Disclosure scheme must complete an ‘Existing Member’ form. The forms are dated and must be completed promptly otherwise a new application form will be required
  2. Scottish Athletics sends the applicant the necessary form to complete
    1. From experience we see a huge number of forms returned due to errors in completion, therefore great care is required to ensure that the information given on the application form is accurate
  3. The local Event Ambassador should be contacted to arrange to undertake an ID check
    1. Three forms of ID must be seen, including one with a photograph eg passport or driving licence
    2. One must also be an official letter addressed to the applicant at their home address and dated within the last three months eg bank statement, utility bill, etc and one other
  4. The Ambassador will complete the ID check form and send both the form and the completed application(s) to Scottish Athletics, Caledonia House, South Gyle, Edinburgh, EH12 9DQ
  5. Scottish Athletics will send the form to the Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Service (VSDS) who will check it and then forward it to Disclosure Scotland
  6. After 4 to 6 weeks Disclosure Scotland will send the original certificate to the applicant
  7. A week later, Disclosure Scotland will send a copy of the certificate to VSDS who will forward the details to Scottish Athletics
  8. Scottish Athletics will then update the parkrun UK Safeguarding Lead of the names and dates of issue of certificates. Scottish Athletics cannot disclose the contents of the certificate but will alert parkrun if there is an issue/potential problem arising from a Disclosure
  9. Volunteers who have completed a PVG Disclosure for parkrun and who decide to stop volunteering should contact Disclosure Scotland directly to inform them