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Missing person at parkrun procedure

parkrun events are held in areas of open space and therefore, although unlikely, it is possible for people to go missing. The following procedure should be followed if anyone goes missing:

  1. Inform the Run Director of the situation
  2. The Run Director should ensure that all other participants continue to be supervised appropriately whilst a search for the missing person is carried out
  3. The Run Director should gather a detailed description of the missing person, including:
    Eye colour
    Any other distinguishing features and/or relevant information
  4. The Run Director should divide the location into search areas and organise the remaining available responsible adults to conduct a search, allocating each adult to a specific area, ensuring that:
    Every adult has the mobile phone number of the Run Director
    Every adult knows what time to report back to the Run Director
  5. The Run Director should allocate a volunteer to try and locate the parent/carer/family of the missing person to inform them of the situation and reassure them that the team is doing all they can to locate them
  6. If they can’t locate the parent/carer/family of the missing person or obtain any emergency contact details they should call the Critical Incident Line
  7. If the search is unsuccessful the Run Director must report the missing person to their local law enforcement agency, no later than twenty minutes after the person’s disappearance is noted, even if the search is not complete. They should then follow official law enforcement guidance
  8. Immediately after, the Run Director should also contact Head Office via the Critical Incident Line (if they haven’t already been informed)
  9. If/when the missing person is located, the Run Director should inform all adults involved including the parent/carer/family, searchers and any external agencies they have involved, as soon as possible
  10. When the incident is resolved, the Run Director should create an incident report via WebFMS or EMS