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New South Wales

Working With Children Check

To apply for a WWCC, applicants follow these steps:

  1. Applicants complete an online application and must be in NSW to complete the application. Applicants are required to provide personal details including date and place of birth.
  2. Once an applicant has completed their application online, they then need to take the confirmation email receipt along with the necessary proof of identity documents to a Service NSW Centre to finalise their application or renewal. The identification documents to be presented at the Service NSW Centre must be original, hard copy documents and must include at least one photo ID.

The Working With Children Check in NSW is an online system and does not have a physical card or certificate.

It is important that applicants keep their confirmation emails. The exact name on the application needs to be used to update any relevant details and is used when renewing. The email an applicant receives when they are cleared has these details, as well as the applicant’s Working With Children Check number for future reference.

The online application form can be found here. More information on the ‘Proof of Identity process’ and relevant documentation can be found here.

The applicant will receive an email once the process has been completed. If they are granted clearance, they will receive a Working With Children Check number. The applicant is required to provide this number to parkrun, who in turn will update the system to inform the NSW Government Office of the Children’s Guardian that the applicant will be volunteering with us.

A NSW Working With Children Check is valid for 5 years. Cleared applicants are subject to ongoing monitoring and relevant new records may lead to the clearance being revoked by the NSW Government Office of the Children’s Guardian.

80 percent of applications are processed within 48 hours when the applicant has no records.

Once proof of identity has been provided to a Service NSW Centre, most people receive their result within a few days.