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Blue Card

Applicants are currently required to complete an application form, which is provided to them by the junior parkrun event team. The application form is pre-populated with the relevant parkrun organisation information, applicants need to complete their details in the relevant sections, provide the required supporting ID and either hand the application form to the event team, or email it to the event or parkrun HQ. A parkrun representative, such as Ambassador or Event Director will check the ID, sign and submit the application form to Blue Card Services via their website. Blue Card Services are due to move to online applications in 2020, which will remove the above-mentioned form.

There are 3 different Blue Card forms, each with their own purpose:

  • Blue Card Application - New/Renewal
  • Exemption Card Application - for QLD registered Teachers and QLD Police Officers
  • Link an applicant/cardholder to this organisation - for applicants/cardholders who have applied for, or hold a blue/exemption card to advise they are undertaking child-related activities with a new or additional organisation

Applications take approximately 28 days to be processed by Blue Card Services. Once approved, the applicant will receive a letter accompanied by a physical Blue Card, parkrun HQ will receive an outcome notification in the mail.

The standard period for which a Blue Card is valid is three years.