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Social media safeguarding guide

Social media is a great way for events and parkrunners to interact with each other, share photos, make announcements and share inspirational stories from around the world. The purpose of this guide is twofold; to outline how parkrun expects volunteers and staff to behave on social media, and to provide helpful advice for the safe use of social media.

For some adults, a major obstacle when it comes to using social media and technology safely, and for supporting the safeguarding of young people, is a lack of knowledge on the adult’s part. Developing a basic knowledge of the technology used by parkrun events can help everyone keep safe.

Although UK-based, we recommend as a helpful resource for parents, young people and professionals, raising awareness and improving knowledge around keeping people safe online.

There may be times when local, national or international media shows interest in something related to your event, or to parkrun in general, and seeks information from volunteers or participants. Particularly with regards to safeguarding-related issues, it is important that event teams make no comment, and refer any media enquiries to

In addition, it is important that teams pass no comment or opinion relating to safeguarding issues, on any social media that is connected to the event. This includes their own personal social media accounts.

Where parkrun volunteers have a relationship with a child or vulnerable adult, developed through their participation in parkrun, all communications should be through official parkrun channels. Communications should also only be in relation to the day-to-day running of the parkrun event.

The publishing of photos and videos on social media is governed by the parkrun Photography Policy​ and the parkrun Social Media Policy.​ In addition, try to avoid fueling cyberbullying by being thoughtful and considerate with the images you are posting. Once out there it can be very difficult, and at times impossible, to delete them.

Always be aware that social networking sites are public, and are bound by the law. Please do not post negative, unpleasant or defamatory remarks, comments or photos on social media. Once such comments are posted they are impossible to fully delete and can cause upset and damage to reputations. Incidents or disputes that spill over onto social media can be blown out of proportion and can become much harder to resolve.

If you have any concerns about online content related to parkrun, always report it to the parkrun Safeguarding Team via

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, always call your local law enforcement agency in the first instance.